"Turbulence is a life force.
Its an opportunity.
Let's love turbulence
and use it for change."

-- Ramsay Clark

Aircraft for Sale

Engage Aviation takes pleasure in offering the following aircraft for sale or lease. All aircraft are subject to prior sale or removal from the market without notice. All aircraft and their records are subject to inspection and verification by Lessee or Buyer.

BC-NYE-Bond2015 from Jimmy Scott Jr. on Vimeo.


Aircraft Image
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Aircraft Description

Aircraft Type/YOM S/N 41219 (71-20358) Time as Of:
A/C Serial Number S/N 41219 (71-20358) Total Hours
Aircraft Line Number Total Cycles
Current Registration Current Location Florida
Previous Country of Registration City/State
Last Operator Noise Compliance
Current Operator Method of Compliance
Configuration Date Parked

Engine Status

Engine Type          
Position Number Serial number Total Hours Total Cycles As of Date First CYC Limiter Cycles Remaining SB 6435
Engine 1 total hours


Manufacturer Models:        
APU MFG Model Part Number Total Hours TSLSV CSLSV

Interior Configuration

Main Dec:

Inspection Status

  Maintenance check interval Rem. Hrs./Cyc Expiring date Exp.A/CTT Last Performed
          Date TFH TFC
I2A 1200hrs / 327 45461 2/16/2012 44261 35262
ISC 24 Months 4500hrs / 1260 9/9/2012 46433 9/9/2010 41933 32512
I2C 48 Months 9000hrs / 2837 1/22/2013 47971 1/22/2009 38971 29859
ILO 72 Month 15000cyc / 11316 9/9/2016 47512 9/9/2010 41933 32512

Operational weights

Maximum Landing weight
Maximum Take-off weight
Maximum zero-fuel weight

Landing Gear Status

Position Interval Part Number Serial number Last Overhaul Next overhaul Remaining Cycles
Main Left
Main Right


Avionics components: Vendor Model P/N Qty
FM Honeywel 2
MCDU Honeywell 2
Scanning DME Collins 2
DME tuning converter Transmagnetics 2
Airborne Data Loader Honeywell 1
GNSSU Thales 2

The included information has been obtained from sources, which we do not know are reliable. We do not guarantee its accuracy, and it may be incomplete or condensed. This is for informational purposes only and is not intended as an offer or solicitation with respect to the purchase or sale of any aircraft. Aircraft that may be shown are subject to availability and change in price. Aircraft offered through this source past performance is not indicative of future results. Changes in any assumptions may have a material effect on projected results. Seller does not warrant the above specifications to be accurate, nor guarantee the information accordingly; urchaser must rely upon their own inspection of the aircraft and the logbooks. There shall be no agreement between parties unless set forth in a written contract signed by buyer and seller and approved in writing by the security holder.